Simmons Beautyrest Legend Mattress Review

The ultimate in new luxury sleep systems from Simmons Beautyrest has arrived and it is called the new Simmons Legend Collection. It has an expected lifespan of approx. 20 years and is available at certain better bedding retailers such as Sleepys Mattress. It is available in 4 different models to accommodate various body types and support needs.

The Simmons Beautyrest Legend Firm model offers a more rigid feel for those seeking the hardest of support systems. The Simmons Legends Plush model offers a little softer feel for those looking for a bit more comfort without the pillow top.

The Legends Collection Luxury Plush Super Pillow Top model offers a little more of the luxurious feel and topping off the line-up is the Beautyrest Legends Ultra Plush Box Top model for the ultimate in soft luxurious high end bedding.

The Legends luxury line is priced from about $3200 to $6100 in queen size with special introductory prices going on now to promote the new Simmons Beautyrest Legends Collection line.

Theses mattresses have a decorator look fabric and handles that make it easier to rotate the bed or change sheets and dust ruffles.

Simmons originally developed and patented the individual pocketed coil spring system which they have always been well known for. Perhaps some of you that are 40 years or older will remember the bowling ball commercials that made Simmons Beautyrest so well known for so many years.

Simmons Beautyrest has redeveloped that spring into the new spring in the Legend Collection. The new spring is called the “Smart Response” pocketed coil technology. As with the original individual pocketed coil spring system the new Smart Response pocketed coil technology system helps to minimize partner disturbance a great deal. For those that keep a different schedule, work alternating shifts or have partners that awake or often move throughout the night this system is one of the best available to reduce mattress movement without resorting to memory foam.

Simmons Legend Plush Mattress

The Simmons Legend Plush mattress is the latest addition to the Beautyrest line and can be found at retailers such as Sleepys. The Legend Plush mattress is considered a upper end luxury mattress and has the latest Beauty Rest technology to increase comfort and support.

Simmons is known for their use of individually wrapped coils which move independent of each other cutting down or even eliminating motion transfer through the mattress.

The Legend mattress uses Simmons 900 Density Total Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology at 14 3/4 gauge which provides extreme comfort and support with very little partner disturbance.

The Simmons Legend Plush mattress height is 13 inches which should accommodate most sheets sold today. Much older sheets will not fit since they were intended for smaller mattresses that you do not find very often anymore.

As a special side note, the Sleepys version of the Legend Plush mattress has Slow Response Trizone Head and Foot NXG center third Slow Recovery Latex added as an exclusive feature. This gives additional support and comfort to an already excellent Simmons mattress.

The Legend mattress has a 20 year limited warranty. 10 years are non-prorated and 10 years are prorated. It is like the standard ten year warranty most other manufacturers offer with an extra 10 years prorated which is a nice feature.

Another nice addition that you do not tend to find anymore are handles on the side of the mattress. Seems like a little thing but it shows attention to detail that others lack.

The patented coil system follows the curves of your body for conforming comfort and supports you where you need it. The use of NxG memory foam and latex foam not only gives additional support but also relieves painful pressure points.

Reviews of the Simmons Legend Plush mattress have been very positive from owners who would recommend it highly to friends and family. Overall the BeautyRest Legend Plush gets high marks and would provide many years of restful sleep.

Top 5 Mattress Reviews

Tempurpedic Rating

Rated first by Consumer Reports is a good start for the Tempurpedic Swedish sleep system. The unique Tempur formula used in all Tempurpedic beds provides both support and pressure relief to allow you to get the best night of sleep possible. Multiple models to fit comfort and budget. You must try this type of mattress first as memory foam is a very different feel and not everyone likes it. You can also see this top 10 mattress list which includes Tempurpedic.

Sleep Number Bed Rating

Select Comfort has taken the idea of air mattresses to a new level and developed the Sleep Number Bed. Fully adjustable to your comfort zone by finding your personal “sleep number”. High quality materials are used in the construction of the number bed so durability is not a problem. Highly recommended by doctors and owners. Sleep Number does come in many levels of sleep comfort to choose from with a range of prices.

Sealy Posturepedic Rating

The best selling mattress name in America for many years, the Posturepedic lineup has many different types of mattresses to choose from. Mainly established as a innerspring mattress manufacturer but has branched out to include memory foam with the Trueform and latex with the Springfree lineup. Sealy has a great reputation and you should not have any problem finding a model within your budget and comfort level.

Sleep to Live Rating

A relative unknown to many consumers, Sleep to Live is one of the best sleep systems you have never heard of before due to a no advertisement strategy. They take profits and put them back into sleep research to develop better mattresses. Highly regarded for quality and craftsmanship. Hand made beds combined with an employee owned company makes for a great product which relies solely on word of mouth and not fancy high priced advertisements. Worth a look when you are deciding on your next mattress buy.

Simmons Beautyrest NxG Series Rating

Combining the Comforpedic Nxg foam with the Beautyrest individually wrapped coil system has produced an excellent sleep system by Simmons. Pioneers in the low motion disturbance field from the start, the Nxg series takes comfort to a new level and gives a great night of sleep. Take a look at the Nxg series before making a buying decision.

Chattam and Wells Mattress

The Chattam and Wells mattress is one of the most luxurious mattress companies in the marketplace today and carries a wide range of models in their product line. Each of the mattresses are uniquely designed to fit any consumers needs. Not only are these mattresses visually beautiful but they are also created for a healthy and comfortable nights sleep.

One of the top of the line mattresses Chattam and Wells manufactures is their Box Top Mattress with latex. The Chatham and Wells Box top mattress has exceptional support and durability with multiple layers of the finest inner tufted cotton and cashmere padding. Under the layers of cotton are layers of visco-elastic memory foam and latex foam for conforming support. The memory foam and latex are proven to provide the correct spinal and neck aligning support. The latex foam in the Box Top Mattress is an all natural material and resists body impressions. Memory foam is temperature reactive and conforms naturally to the body.

The Chattam and Wells foundation is described as an eight way hand tied all coil design. With the eight way hand tied design weight that is applied to the mattress distributes evenly to the foundation. A coil designed foundation works better with a mattress and gives the mattress a longer lifetime.

Best Mattress for Heavy People

This article discusses what would be the best mattress for heavy people and the options available. Chubby or overweight people will need a much firmer support system than most. Heavier people must stay within the extra firm category of mattresses due to the amount of pressure and stress being applied to the spring system. There are a few ways to go about selecting a good mattress for large people such as Posturepedic beds and I will try to cover the options.

One method of choosing the best mattress for fat couples is to get the firmest mattress you can buy and add a premium latex topper to it. This will give extra support while relieving pressure points. A high quality latex mattress topper will last for many years, most likely longer than the mattress itself, and can be used over and over again.

You have two directions you can go in. One being buy the most expensive firm mattress you can get and hope it will last longer. I would not recommend going that way if you have a limited budget. Second, buy a low to mid range extra firm mattress with the knowledge that it may not last the full warranty time. You may get a good 3 to 5 years out of it and then it is time to buy another mattress. The mattress topper will last and make the mattress more comfortable.

There is also the question of what is the best air mattress for obese or overweight persons. The same general idea applies to air mattresses as it would to spring mattresses. It would have to be very firm in order to support the extra weight and most likely will not last as long as the warranty indicates.

The Sleep Number bed is the top of the line air mattress and has a good reputation among owners. Give it a try and see if it feels good. It is a bit pricey and you will need to decide if the short term comfort and support are worth the price for you. There is also the question as to the best type of foam mattress for heavy people or couples. Tempurpedic has one of if not the highest density on the market and has a cult like statues amongst it’s owners.

Memory foam has a different feel so you must get in and try it out. Latex foam is a good choice as it bounces back well and is a very durable and long lasting mattress type. Sealy Springfree should be on your list of latex mattresses to give a tryout. Being bigger or overweight does limit your choices in mattress types to extra firm. Every major manufacturer carries a firm mattress type so finding a good selection should not be a problem.

DO NOT buy a pillow top or plush mattress or you will be sleeping in a whole in a very short amount of time. Do not plan on the mattress lasting for 10 plus years as that is not realistic. You will need a firm mattress for support and to reduce back pain. Get the best mattress with the firmest support you can afford and add a good latex topper to it for comfort.

The best type of mattress for heavy people is extra firm in either the innerspring, air or foam mattress categories. Keep in mind that all mattresses will get softer as you use them, and with the extra weight may break in even faster. You must use a heavy duty frame for support underneath and never reuse old box springs.

With a little common sense and time to choose your mattress carefully, you will be able to get a good night’s sleep in no time. Whether you consider yourself heavy, overweight, obese, big boned, fat or just large, you are not alone (i know) and there are great durable mattresses out there within your price range. Do a little on-line research first to save some legwork and always look for sales. You can find plenty of options at Sleepys or Mattress Firm with some good deals.

Simmons Comforpedic Reviews

Simmons Comforpedic reviews say that they feel much cooler when sleeping in the Simmons than other type of visco mattresses. This is a definite advantage and a big reason so may choose the Beautyrest foam mattress over its competitors.

The Simmons Comforpedic is one of the few real challengers to Tempurpedic in the visco elastic foam mattress market. Mainly because they did not try to set out and just copy the Tempur bed but attacked from a different direction and made a bed that addressed all of the perceived weaknesses of the Swedish mattress giant.

First off would be the complaint that memory foam holds heat or makes you sweat. Some people do react this way and for them these types of beds are not the best choice. Comforpedic uses a large pre-cracked cell structure that dissipates heat much faster than their competition. This means it sleeps much cooler. They also use latex in the mattress which helps out quite a bit too.

Being hot when trying to sleep can be a real problem for many people. It is hard to fall asleep when you are sweating. For a lot of folks anything that wraps too closely to their body will make them warm up. Memory foam in general tends to fill in around your curves and cradle your body in a very supportive way. It is this close contact that makes a small percentage of users feel hot.

Next would be that a memory mattress tends to take too long to adjust and feels very stiff when you first get it. A common gripe is that it feels nothing like what it did at the store. It is true that most foam beds need to be broken in for a while before they really start to feel comfortable.

Comforpedic is already broken in when you buy it so will feel just like it did on the showroom floor. There is no transitional period to get through while you mattress gets a little softer and the cells break because the Simmons foam mattress cells are pre-cracked and already comfortable from the start.

Almost all Simmons Comforpedic mattress reviews say that it felt wonderful and very comfortable the first night with no problem of having to adjust or jump up and down on the mattress to soften it up enough to sleep on. This is another advantage for Comforpedic and one that is the deciding point for a lot of people.

the last complaint has a little to do with the previous point. Because memory foam mattresses need to be broken in there is sometimes a issue with it being a even feel all over the bed. What that means is if you sleep in a certain spot you will only break in that area and not the rest of the mattress on other types of visco foam mattresses.

With Comforpedic it feels the same all over the mattress due to the way it was made by the manufacturer. It has a consistent level of support and comfort anywhere you want to sleep on it. Yet another advantage for Simmons when it comes to beating out other memory foam mattresses.

In particular, Simmons Comforpedic Loft reviews have been very favorable and lost will choose this both for comfort and price over similar levels of quality offered by their competition. The Phenom is another good choice and really taking off as far as popularity goes with consumers.

There are many choices out there when it comes to what you can sleep on. If you have tried the various types and decided a visco elastic memory foam mattress is for you it would be a wise decision to give the Comforpedic a rest test. It addresses all of the biggest complaints against others like Tempurpedic at the same or less in cost.

Most stores will carry both the Simmons Comforpedic mattress and Tempurpedic so you can try them side by side. It should be noted that most complaints against the Tempur mattress are from a very small percentage of very vocal people. The majority of folks do not have any problems at all and the fact that they are rated number1 in customer satisfaction should be your biggest clue.

Go with what feels the best for you within the area of your budget and sleep better. It really is the most important single item you can buy for your home as it directly effects your mental and physical well being on a daily basis. Sleep well my friends.

Select Comfort Parts

When you need to replace Select Comfort parts for your Sleep Number Bed the best thing to do is call the customer service department and speak to a representative.

They will normally ask you for your basic information such as name, address and telephone number. They will also need your invoice number to show proof of purchase.

The warranty states that your Sleep Number bed will be covered for defects in materials and workmanship for 20 years from purchase date. If something on the bed broke due to abuse or mishandling on your end you will not be covered.

It is a limited warranty meaning that for the first 2 years all costs for Select Comfort parts are covered but after that you do have to pay a percentage of the costs. You will not be covered for wear and tear over the years but for defective parts and workmanship only. And acts of God obviously.

Most Select Comfort bed parts are covered under warranty so make sure to check if your is. This will obviously save you some money if you do not have to buy the replacement part although you will most likely pay for shipping.

They will repair or replace the item but that decision is up to them. If you are replacing a part in the first 30 days of your trial period they will pay for so you do not have to worry.

You can track your order online with your name and zip code to make sure it was processed and sent out in a timely manner.

Some people complain that Select Comfort Sleep Number bed parts cost too much but so do any parts for expensive well made items such as high end cars or boats. They are not going to replace a part on an expensive mattress with a cheaper one.

For something that gives so any benefits to your health by providing much needed rejuvenating sleep it is well worth it to pay the costs every once in a while and get on with your life.

Sleep Number Bed Cost

How much does a sleep number bed cost? This is one of the first questions that pop up when you start talking about the Select Comfort mattress. It is unfortunate that the majority of people will put money before health.

This is oddly enough the complete opposite when it comes to things other people will see such as a car or sparkly jewels. These tell others that you have money or are successful but not too many people will see your mattress under normal circumstances.

Your sleep is your health when you get right down to it. You can eat right and exercise all you want but if you do not get enough quality sleep your health will go downhill fast. All of those sleepless nights add up and take a large toll on your overall mental and physical well being.

The cost of a Sleep Number bed should not only be measured in dollars because it gives so many under appreciated benefits that most do not think about. More than half of people would say that they get enough sleep but the fact is that most do not. They may get a few hours of deep rejuvenating rest if even that amount.

One of the main problems is interrupted sleep cycles. Whenever you wake up to find a more comfortable sleeping position you break a cycle. If your partner or pet moves around and wakes you up you have done it again. Each time this happens you must start over again and this robs you of deep sleep.

This is why everyone seems to be walking around like zombies theses days. It is a lack of good solid rest and their minds are turning to soup because of it.

Sleep Number basically separates the two sides of the mattress into individual comfort zones. This allows you to go all night without interruptions and get the quality rest needed to have a healthy mind, body and soul. You can even us the sleep by numbers method to personalize your side by adjusting the mattress to your perfect support and comfort level. It is hard to put a price on that.

The cost of Sleep Number bed parts and accessories is really no different than most. Yes, if something breaks you will spend a little more but most parts are inexpensive and may be under warranty. Sheets, comforters and other extras are no different than what it would be for any other type of bed.

So as you can see the actual Sleep Number bed cost is hard to determine when you take into account the advantages it gives you. Other types of mattresses may cost less but in the long run may wear out much faster and never provide everything this bed does. From that standpoint it is worth every penny and should be looked at when you are shopping for a new sleep system.

It is true that everyone has a budget they intend to stay within and a mattress does not always rank high up on the list of what they want to spend a lot of money on. That is a shame. You should not put out twice as much money on your bedroom furniture than you do on the actual mattress.

What you sleep on should be the top priority in the bedroom if not more important than anything else including your television. It may sound crazy but nothing else in your home is so directly related to your overall health as the quality of the mattress you sleep on.

If you think this way than you will not be asking the same old question of “how much does a Sleep Number bed cost?” but when can you have it delivered. Sleep well my friends.

Posturepedic vs Tempurpedic

Tempurpedic and Sealy PosturePedic carry just a couple of the many memory foam beds on the market these days. There are so many differences in each of the unique comfort sleep foams, from high density to low density, the memory foam used and the luxury materials that cover it. The Tempurpedic mattress was the first well known memory foam mattress company. While Sealy is the largest bedding manufacturer in North America.

Tempurpedic mattress has nine different memory foam models available. NASA had originally developed the material Tempurpedic mattress uses in their sleep systems. Tempurpedic had seen the remarkable potential the material had for home and office use and began to research all the possibilities that the material had for therapeutic pressure relief and aches and pains we have from everyday life.

In their extensive research they developed the temperature mattress material. The Tempurpedic beds formula has been specifically designed to reduce painful pressure points, increase circulation and reduce tossing and turning throughout the night for a restful comfort sleep.

The TEMPUR mattress is recommended by over 25,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. The Tempurpedic bed have also received awards from very prominent organizations such as Consumers Best Buy, Good Housekeeping and the Arthritis Foundation.

Sealy True Form Mattress is one of the newest developments to come from Sealy. There are three different memory foam bed models in the Sealy product line. Although a lot of the spring mattresses Sealy Posturepedic carries have memory foam in the comfort layers on the mattresses.

Most of the Posturepedic spring mattresses and even the Sealy SpringFree latex mattress has memory foam but the True Form mattress is the only one that is considered a true memory foam mattress. The Sealy True Form will reduce pressure points and conform to the body like the Tempurpedic mattress but there is a difference in the density of the mattresses.

The top bed for Tempurpedic is the GrandBed and best for Sealy PosturePedic TrueForm is the 11 inch Series. In comparing both mattresses the GrandBed profiles at 14 and a half inches where as the 11 inch Series profiles at 11 inches. Both of the beds have conforming memory foam but they differ in how much per layers.

Sleep Number i8 vs i10

The i8 bed and i10 bed are the newest additions to the Sleep Number line. Comparing the Sleep Number i8 vs i10 will help you to decide which is the right choice and fit your particular needs.

Sleep Number i8

Starting at $2699.98 in a queen mattress only the Sleep Number i8 bed features their exclusive dual air technology which allows you to quietly adjust the firmness level on each side of the mattress with a wireless remote which has a memory button for your personal setting and a full fill option.

The duvet style pillow top is 13 inches which should accommodate deep pocket sheets sold today. It features temperature balancing technology that can keep temperature swings in the mattress to a minimum by absorbing excess heat to keep you from getting either too cool or too hot. This keeps you from waking up due to being hot or cold and allows you to sleep uninterrupted which will help you to get a better night of sleep and wake up more refreshed.

The Sleep Number i8 has an exclusive 3 inch comfort layer that supports your body by contouring to your individual curves while additional layers of foam enhance both comfort and support.

Sleep Number i10

With a queen mattress starting at $3699.98, the Sleep Number i10 mattress is personalized comfort at its best. With Sleep Number exclusive Dual Air Technology which lets you adjust the firmness on your side of the mattress quickly and quietly.

The 15 inch Duvet style pillow top makes a luxurious Sleep Number bed and offers their highest level of plush comfort and support. At 15 inches the i10 bed will still fit most deep pocket sheet sets sold at department stores today.

The Sleep Number i10 has a conforming layer of memory foam on top of a support layer for relaxing comfort and whole body support for a great night of sleep. Sleep Number moisture wicking technology combined with their advanced temperature balancing allows you to sleep in comfort without being too hot or cold and stay dry the whole night.

Sleep Number i10 vs i8

Either the Sleep Number i10 or i8 will make a great sleep system for just about anyone. The i10 offers more of everything over the i8 but budget may be a consideration. Although if you are looking at this level of mattress than you may have the means to afford the i10 and if that is the case I would think it is the better choice of the two.

Only the Sleep Number iLE is higher and I am not sure it is worth the extra cash at $4199.98 for queen mattress only but that is your decision to make.

Sleep Number has a great reputation and comes highly recommended by its owners. Sleep Number i8 and i10 reviews have been positive with the normal amount of complaints but you can’t please everyone.

Each system can be found at or by looking for the sleepnumber i8 or i10. Try out your own personal Number Bed today and get some sleep.

Sealy vs Stearns and Foster

Sealy & Stearns and Foster are two of the more well known brands on the market. Sealy is the number 1 selling brand in the nation while Stearns and Foster is famous for making a strong, durable luxury mattress that will provide years of restful sleep.

What many people do not know is that Sealy bought Stearns and Foster a good while ago. The name was kept for brand recognition and supposedly the operation was left the same without too much interference from Sealy. I do think Sealy has changed a few things and added ideas of their own to the process but for the most part a Stearns and Foster is still the same high quality mattress it has always been.

Sealy Mattress

Sealy has a few different types of mattresses on the market these days. They are best known for their Posturepedic line which was created with the help of expert doctors to make a more supportive sleep surface. Sealy also has a budget line that is not a Posturepedic and has recently branched out to include both a latex mattress and a memory foam mattress both under the Sealy Embody name.

Sealy has always made a good sturdy mattress in just about every price range. Their Posturepedic coil system is a very strong unit that stands up to everyday use very well. The foam encasement on a Posturepedic is excellent and provides good support to those who sit on the edge of the mattress and also prevents roll off in addition to increasing the actual sleeping surface.

Stearns and Foster Mattress

Stearns and Foster was founded by George S. Stearns and Seth Foster in 1846 and makes a exceptional luxury mattress known for attention to detail and one of the strongest coil systems you can buy.

Stearns and Foster is now considered to be Sealy’s top of the line mattress and has added a true luxury mattress to the Sealy line. From the heavy duty warranted handles to the metal corner guards on the box springs it is plain to see that a Stearn and Foster mattress considers every detail when they make a mattress.

Stearn and Foster vs Sealy Posturepedic

If you are looking for a good solid innerspring mattress at an affordable price than check into the Posturepedic models and find something in your budget. If you want something a bit more luxurious that will hold up for a good long time than it is worth the extra money to go with a Stearns and Foster. Whether you go with a Sealy or Stearns and Foster you will be getting a quality mattress that will improve your health through a better night of sleep.

Sealy Embody vs Serta iComfort

Both the Sealy Embody and Serta iComfort have their own take on the traditional memory foam mattress that they of course feel is the best. Memory foam in general has not changed much in the last 40 years or so among the many manufacturers excluding Tempurpedic and Simmons Comforpedic.

Innovative new materials and techniques allow mattress makers to address some of the short comings or complaints against the memory foam mattress such as too stiff, hot to sleep on and breaks down too fast.

Sealy Embody

The Embody memory foam mattress is very breathable compared to many other types of visco beds. It also sleeps cooler than the normal memory foam mattress for a better nights sleep. Featuring Body Climate fabrics by Polartec, the performance fabric helps to move air in and out to help regulate temperature during the night. When combined the the special foam used this allows the Embody to be up to 5 times more breathable than standard memory foam from other leading brands.

The performance fabric also wicks away moisture to keep you dry providing a healthier sleep surface. The Sealy Embody is also CFC free so you are not breathing in harmful chemicals. The Embody comes in four models and price starts at $1999.00 and goes up from there.

Serta iComfort

The iComfort is the newest addition to the Serta lineup and features something they call Cool Action Gel Memory Foam which has Serta’s Microsupport Gel. This new type of foam mattress is supposed to give you great support, comfort and pressure relief while keeping you much cooler than other brands of memory foam mattresses. They basically infuse their memory foam with the gel to produce a cooler mattress that gives you the benefits of traditional memory foam without the typical complaint about being too hot. The iComfort starts at around $1299.00 in a queen and goes up from there.

Serta iComfort vs Sealy Embody

It seems both the Embody and iComfort are trying to address one of the big complaints about Tempurpedic so they are not directly attacking but trying to pick up those that may be turned off by the idea of a mattress that sleeps hot. Both are quality sleep systems that fill a need in the mattress market. Comforpedic did beat them both to the “sleeps cooler” idea and has a big head start but time will tell who grabs the biggest piece of that pie. Both the Serta iComfort or Sealy Embody will be a good choice if you are shopping for a memory foam mattress and as a bonus are a little less than a Tempurpedic mattress.