Are Sleep Number Beds Worth It

With the high price tag on Sleep Number Beds many people wonder if they are worth it or are there better cheap alternatives to the Select Comfort mattress.

Sleep Number beds are worth it on many levels. Just like other expensive brands such as Tempurpedic it comes down to quality, longevity and what really is a huge investment in your health and well being.

The Number Bed is worth it for the ability to let you customize your sleep surface to exactly the right amount of support and comfort needed to get a good nights sleep. That is a huge advantage over other mattress types and something most folks don’t fully understand or appreciate.

With most mattress types you will have to learn to conform to whatever the sleep surface is and wait for your body to adjust to the firmness or softness of that particular mattress. Sleep Number lets you choose what is right for you so I would say that makes the Sleep by Number bed worth it.

Second would be the ability to not have to compromise based on what your partners support needs are. Your special other can choose whatever they need to get quality sleep just like you. This is another huge advantage and is like getting two beds in one. I would say that makes the Sleep Number bed worth it too.

Finally would be the way it eliminates partner disturbance so you both can sleep uninterrupted the whole night. Who has not been jarred awake when their other decides to roll over or is just restless the whole night which of course keeps you up too.

It comes down to quality of sleep which translates to quality of life. Without the proper amount of uninterrupted REM sleep we are all just walking zombies going through life half awake. You don’t want to be a zombie do you?

Sleep Number beds are worth it for what they can provide for you. How can you put a price tag on your health both physical and mental. While most are willing to dish out cash for sleeping aids and the latest sleep remedy, they just can’t seem to understand that their mattress is the most important household item they will buy and that it directly effects their health.

So with that in mind, are Sleep Number Beds worth the price? Yes, if you can afford it and with the many different ways to pay these days I would say the majority of people could swing it if needed. Look for any special promotions or sales to save some money if you can.

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