Best Mattress for Heavy People

Finding the best mattress for heavy people or larger couples is a common question and should not be such a difficult problem if you have the right information.

This article discusses what would be the best mattress for heavy people and the options available. Chubby or overweight people will need a much firmer support system than most. Heavier people must stay within the extra firm category of mattresses due to the amount of pressure and stress being applied to the spring system. There are a few ways to go about selecting a good mattress for large people such as Posturepedic beds and I will try to cover the options.

One method of choosing the best mattress for fat couples is to get the firmest mattress you can buy and add a premium latex topper to it. This will give extra support while relieving pressure points. A high quality latex mattress topper will last for many years, most likely longer than the mattress itself, and can be used over and over again.

You have two directions you can go in. One being buy the most expensive firm mattress you can get and hope it will last longer. I would not recommend going that way if you have a limited budget. Second, buy a low to mid range extra firm mattress with the knowledge that it may not last the full warranty time. You may get a good 3 to 5 years out of it and then it is time to buy another mattress. The mattress topper will last and make the mattress more comfortable.

There is also the question of what is the best air mattress for obese or overweight persons. The same general idea applies to air mattresses as it would to spring mattresses. It would have to be very firm in order to support the extra weight and most likely will not last as long as the warranty indicates.

The Sleep Number bed is the top of the line air mattress and has a good reputation among owners. Give it a try and see if it feels good. It is a bit pricey and you will need to decide if the short term comfort and support are worth the price for you. There is also the question as to the best type of foam mattress for heavy people or couples. Tempurpedic has one of if not the highest density on the market and has a cult like statues amongst it’s owners.

Memory foam has a different feel so you must get in and try it out. Latex foam is a good choice as it bounces back well and is a very durable and long lasting mattress type. Sealy Springfree should be on your list of latex mattresses to give a tryout. Being bigger or overweight does limit your choices in mattress types to extra firm. Every major manufacturer carries a firm mattress type so finding a good selection should not be a problem.

DO NOT buy a pillow top or plush mattress or you will be sleeping in a whole in a very short amount of time. Do not plan on the mattress lasting for 10 plus years as that is not realistic. You will need a firm mattress for support and to reduce back pain. Get the best mattress with the firmest support you can afford and add a good latex topper to it for comfort.

The best type of mattress for heavy people is extra firm in either the innerspring, air or foam mattress categories. Keep in mind that all mattresses will get softer as you use them, and with the extra weight may break in even faster. You must use a heavy duty frame for support underneath and never reuse old box springs.

With a little common sense and time to choose your mattress carefully, you will be able to get a good night’s sleep in no time. Whether you consider yourself heavy, overweight, obese, big boned, fat or just large, you are not alone (i know) and there are great durable mattresses out there within your price range. Do a little on-line research first to save some legwork and always look for sales. You can find plenty of options at Sleepys or Mattress Firm with some good deals.

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