Chattam and Wells Mattress

Chattam and Wells mattresses are considered part of the elite or high end coil bed manufacturers with prices to match. Reviews are often great as is customer loyalty.

The Chattam and Wells mattress is one of the most luxurious mattress companies in the marketplace today and carries a wide range of models in their product line. Each of the mattresses are uniquely designed to fit any consumers needs. Not only are these mattresses visually beautiful but they are also created for a healthy and comfortable nights sleep.

One of the top of the line mattresses Chattam and Wells manufactures is their Box Top Mattress with latex. The Chatham and Wells Box top mattress has exceptional support and durability with multiple layers of the finest inner tufted cotton and cashmere padding. Under the layers of cotton are layers of visco-elastic memory foam and latex foam for conforming support. The memory foam and latex are proven to provide the correct spinal and neck aligning support. The latex foam in the Box Top Mattress is an all natural material and resists body impressions. Memory foam is temperature reactive and conforms naturally to the body.

The Chattam and Wells foundation is described as an eight way hand tied all coil design. With the eight way hand tied design weight that is applied to the mattress distributes evenly to the foundation. A coil designed foundation works better with a mattress and gives the mattress a longer lifetime.

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