Memory Foam Bed vs Sleep Number

This article compares memory foam bed vs Sleep Number to see which would be better for your needs. With the Sleep Number Bed and Tempurpedic being the two most in question.

The air mattress and memory foam bed are two types of specialty sleep systems that go about achieving the same thing in different ways and with very different feels.

Memory Foam Bed

Memory foam has a slow sinking effect that will settle in based on your body weight and heat output. Visco memory foam was originally developed for NASA to assist in the space program by creating a product that would absorb and distribute the g-forces associated with blast off. Although not actually used by NASA the idea sparked interest among the sleep industry. Tempurpedic over the course of years of research and tons of money created the formula for what they call TEMPUR mattress material. This idea spread and since then just about every manufacturer has their version of a memory foam bed on the market.

Some combine memory foam with latex or longer fibers to achieve their level of support and comfort. The biggest benefit of quality memory foam bed is its ability to keep your body in perfect alignment while at the same time supplying excellent support without pressure points. These three ingredients make for the perfect recipe of a good nights sleep and a healthier you since it is now possible to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep Number Bed

The air mattress segment has been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until Select Comfort blasted out of the gate with the Sleep Number Bed and its fantastic idea of having a so-so celebrity in Lindsay Wagner for its spokesperson that the masses became aware of the benefits of a high quality air mattress. The ability for each partner to control the level of firmness or softness each one requires is the biggest advantage the Sleep Number bed has over the competition.

While inner spring manufacturers try to make a bed with one firm side and one soft side which still makes for a compromise, the Sleep Number Bed lets you dial into your perfect “sleep number” and get exactly what you want instead of settling for something close to what you need.

Sleep Number or Memory Foam Bed

Tough call and one only you can decide. Both will give the required elements of a good nights sleep being proper spinal alignment, support and pressure relief. They do feel totally different so trying out each and deciding which was more comfortable should not be to hard to do.

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