Miralux Mattress Review

The Miralux mattress, a luxury bed, is manufactured by International Bedding Corporation (IBC). Founded in 1974, IBC is the largest independently owned bedding manufacturer in the United States.

IBC mattress is also the largest manufacturer of private label bedding with some of the biggest names in retail furniture as clients. They are also a major supplier to hotels, universities, nursing homes and hospitals.

The Miralux mattress is quietly one of the best mattresses you have never heard of, due mainly to the fact that they do not advertise. With the total lack of promotion, it comes as no surprise that you don’t see many Miralux mattress reviews or information on the Internet. By having no advertisements, it allows IBC to spend money that would normally be used for promotion on making a better high end sleep system and keeps the Miralux mattress affordable. Below are a few features of the Miralux bed.

The Miralux mattress line features micro fiber ticking. The exclusive blend of fibers used is 50% finer than silk and feels very luxurious. The microfiber used on the Miralux mattress is extremely durable and does not create lint due to pile breakdown as other brands do. The exceptional breath ability of the Miralux top helps maintain an ideal temperature for sleeping while keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Miralux mattress micro fiber top also wicks away water vapor while allowing air flow to promote an ideal sleep comfort environment. It is also anti static treated to repel allergy aggravating dust.

The Lura-Flex coil with double tempered steel on the Miralux mattress is perhaps one of the best offset coil systems on the market. Each coil will flex independently for more sensitivity to body contours. The Miralux Lura-Flex coil system is more comfortable than normal offset styles with no border sag or coil feel. With 100% working wire, every part of the surface flexes for amazing sleep comfort so you can get a good nights sleep.

With many more features such as latex foam, visco memory foam, and edge encasement, the Miralux mattress is an exceptional sleep system. The Miralux mattress sets tested can be found at Sleepy’s. The Indulgence Collection features the Miralux Splendor (plush or firm), Miralux Rapture pillow top, Indulgent box pillow top, and the Miralux Luxuriant box pillow top with independently wrapped coils. Plus the Miralux mattress has a 15 year non pro rated warranty for peace of mind. Overall the Miralux is an excellent value vs Sealy Posturepedic, Simmons Beautyrest and Serta Perfect Sleeper.

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