Miralux Mattress

I wrote an article awhile back about the Miralux mattress but thought it was a good time to update the information since they have come out with new models since then. The Miralux mattress is made by International Bedding.

The IBC mattress is designed to be an affordable alternative to the higher priced name brand beds on the market. International Bedding Corp. claim to make Miralux mattress with the same quality materials and craftsmanship as the better known brands but save money with low overhead due to a no advertisement strategy.

I have sold the Miralux mattress and can say from experience that problems and complaints were no more or less than any other brand. Most people seemed pleased with their purchase and especially liked the fact that Miralux is typically cheaper than the equivalent name brand mattress. I believe in all the Miralux mattress sold (and that is quite a few) that I could count the returns on one hand. I am also pretty sure that there were more returns on the big name mattresses than on the IBC mattress. Except for maybe Tempurpedic which hardly ever gets returned and has a wonderful reputation. But then again Tempurpedic is very expensive and does not go on sale. Miralux mattress prices are normally very reasonable and they do have sale prices too. Miralux is typically found at Sleepys but other retailers do sell the International Bedding brands.

Miralux mattress reviews tend to be negative. I do not know if it is the competition planting false reviews or just the natural fact that people tend to take the time to write bad reviews as opposed to good reviews. It falls in with the belief that a happy customer may tell 5 friends about their purchase but an unhappy customer will tell 50. Bad news is more interesting I suppose. The Miralux mattress warranty is typically longer than standard. The industry in general is normally 10 years for inner spring mattresses but Miralux mattress are normally 15 years non-prorated. A Miralux latex mattress may be longer but I will have to look into it to be sure.

The Miralux Symphony Plush mattress is covered in very soft microfiber which has a great feel and makes a comfortable sleeping surface. Microfiber wicks away moisture so you stay dry and comfortable. The fibers breathe and give you that warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer benefit. The Miralux Symphony mattress is designed to be no flip which eliminates that hassle. It has high density foam encased edges for support. It also features soy based foams which may be healthier than other memory foams used by the competition. The Miralux Symphony is about 12 inches high so most sheets should fit fine. It comes with a 15 year non prorated warranty.

The Miralux Maestro mattress comes in a cushion firm pillow top and features a jumbo extra thick firm pillowtop which is covered in microfiber creating a cushioned but firm sleeping surface. This combination of soft and firm foam creates a firmer pillow top, it uses their exclusive Miratech 5 zone support layer for better air flow circulation. It’s no flip and has HD edge encasement. It also uses soy based foams instead of the normal visco-elastic memory foams others use. It sits at 16 inches but is still easy to find sheets for these days. The Miralux Maestro comes with a 15 year warranty too.

The Miralux Rapture pillow top mattress is covered in a “All Seasons” Micro fiber for a very luxurious sleep surface. The Miralux Rapture mattress uses a specialized Visco foam for better comfort and conform-ability. It also comes with high density foam encased edge support for more usable sleeping surface. The Indulgence Rapture mattress is no flip construction, 14 1/2 tempered coil gauge and the mattress height is 14 inches.

The Miralux Indulgence plush box top mattress has the micro fiber cover which is very soft, fuzzy and surprisingly not hot to sleep on either. It has specialized memory foam and sits at 16 inches tall. It is also no flip construction. The Indulgence mattress is extremely comfortable and very supportive considering it is a huge box pillow top mattress.

The Miralux Splendor Firm mattress and The Miralux Splendor Plush mattress have been around for awhile and were the best selling of the entire line-up last I looked. These are two very comfortable mattresses and have a good price point which is most likely why they are a best seller.

I am not as familiar with the Miralux Treasure mattress as with the rest of their line-up but a quick search online did not bring up many positive reviews. Of course as I said before that seems to be the way with Miralux mattress reviews and from experience I don’t see why they get such a bad rap.

As with any mattress you are considering, look around online for reviews from actual customers and visit a showroom to try them out for at least 20 minutes minimum. Then find the best deal or sale price possible either online or in a store. Don’t ever pay more than you should and make sure delivery is free. Online mattress reviews are easy to come by and although Miralux mattress ratings are not always great you should take them with a grain of salt because you never know the agenda of who is writing them. Overall my opinion of the Miralux mattress is a positive review but go with your gut or you won’t be happy. Remember to look for online sales and promotions for the Miralux mattress before you buy.

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