Pedicsolutions vs Tempurpedic

QVC sold brand PedicSolutions versus Tempurpedic mattress to see how they compare to each other in terms of price, comfort, durability and customer supported reviews to back up their claims.

PedicSolutions is a memory foam mattress sold exclusively through QVC. Similar to the Tempurpedic mattress in that it reduces pressure points and conforms to your individual body shape and size.

PedicSolutions reviews for their visco line including the memory foam 12 seem mostly positive and comparable to comments made about most other memory foam mattresses on the market.

The problem with many “off brand”, knock offs or unknown brands is quality of materials and construction. Memory foam density both at the core and comfort levels plays a big part in feel and longevity.

According to those who have bought the PedicSolutions from QVC this has rated high marks in all categories. So while it may be hard for some to buy a luxury mattress without the benefit of rest testing it first many will take the plunge mainly due to the fact that it costs less than Tempurpedic or even Comforpedic and Posturepedic.

There is not much more that can be said about the TEMPUR mattress. They are the reigning king of memory foam mattress technology. The Swedish mattress is the only one endorsed by NASA themselves and it does have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. There are many mattress retailers carrying Tempurpedic so trying one out for at least 20 minutes should not be any issue.

Some feel that a memory foam mattress may be hot but this is not always the case. It is true that they utilize your body heat in order to conform to each curve and provide support.

They do not dissipate heat as fast as inner spring mattresses but most people seem very comfortable on a Tempurpedic mattress. If you are a hot person than it will not make you cooler so if that is a problem check out a latex mattress instead.

Overall Tempurpedic is your better known brand name mattress and has a proven history of satisfaction. The PedicSolutions brand, which includes the popular pedicsolutions memory foam 12 inch mattress (visco elastic), has received favorable reviews and costs less.

With PedicSolutions and Tempurpedic the choice to me comes down to cost more than anything and in that sense PedicSolutions will be a good fit over a Tempurpedic mattress for most. As always, shop and compare online to get the best prices and always look for sales or bargain bundles.

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