Tempurpedic vs Restava

Find out if the Restava mattress with its focus on above average customer service will be able to compare with Tempurpedic who is the long standing champion of the memory foam mattress market.

Restava claims to be a equal to if not better than Tempurpedic in quality of materials and is a definite winner in comparable price to product match up. While still relatively unknown among ordinary consumers, Restava is slowly building a name for itself through word of mouth with satisfied owners.

But is Restava actually a better mattress or is TEMPUR mattress still the go-to sleep system in the memory foam mattress market. Restava seems to place a great deal of emphasis on providing better than average customer service. They are trying to provide that WOW every time by going above and beyond when dealing with customers. This is nice as Tempurpedic does not always seem to treat customers like the special commodity that they are in today’s tough marketplace.

Restava also provides one of the best memory foam mattress warranties out there. Many people do not seem to care about their warranty and think either they will never use it or that the manufacturer will not stand behind the product or can escape through the many loop holes in the fine print. Again, it is good to see a company back up the product you spent hard earned money on.

Restava also claims to have the BEST memory foam mattress out there. They say they carry the best looking, best feeling, and longest lasting visco memory foam bed against all they have tested against. This is a bold statement and I suppose time will tell. Keep in mind that TEMPUR mattress has been around for quite some time and still retains a very high customer loyalty and customer satisfaction percentage. Tempurpedic track record speaks for itself and with all the newcomers to the memory foam specialty bedding market it is good to know someone at least has a track record.

Both Tempurpedic and Restava come full size or in other words they are not rolled up to save space or shipping costs. Many less expensive memory foam mattresses are rolled which most likely damages the product before you even get a chance to sleep on it. They basically compromise the quality of their product in order to save money on their end. Both the Restava and TEMPUR mattress are boxed and fully assembled so there is no cutting of corners.

It seems these are two quality sleep systems to choose from with one being much cheaper and the other being much better known. Also, I am not sure about the ability to actually test a Restava before purchase and do not know of any major mattress retailers (at least in my area) that carry it. Most retailers carry TEMPUR mattress so it is easy to try it before you buy it. Tempurpedic vs Restava..tough call. Maybe price will be the overall factor for most while some will always go with the “name brand” so as to not second guess themselves.

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