Simmons Beautyrest Legend Mattress Review

The ultimate in new luxury sleep systems from Simmons Beautyrest has arrived and it is called the new Simmons Legend Collection. It has an expected lifespan of approx. 20 years and is available at certain better bedding retailers such as Sleepys Mattress. It is available in 4 different models to accommodate various body types and support needs.

The Simmons Beautyrest Legend Firm model offers a more rigid feel for those seeking the hardest of support systems. The Simmons Legends Plush model offers a little softer feel for those looking for a bit more comfort without the pillow top.

The Legends Collection Luxury Plush Super Pillow Top model offers a little more of the luxurious feel and topping off the line-up is the Beautyrest Legends Ultra Plush Box Top model for the ultimate in soft luxurious high end bedding.

The Legends luxury line is priced from about $3200 to $6100 in queen size with special introductory prices going on now to promote the new Simmons Beautyrest Legends Collection line.

Theses mattresses have a decorator look fabric and handles that make it easier to rotate the bed or change sheets and dust ruffles.

Simmons originally developed and patented the individual pocketed coil spring system which they have always been well known for. Perhaps some of you that are 40 years or older will remember the bowling ball commercials that made Simmons Beautyrest so well known for so many years.

Simmons Beautyrest has redeveloped that spring into the new spring in the Legend Collection. The new spring is called the “Smart Response” pocketed coil technology. As with the original individual pocketed coil spring system the new Smart Response pocketed coil technology system helps to minimize partner disturbance a great deal. For those that keep a different schedule, work alternating shifts or have partners that awake or often move throughout the night this system is one of the best available to reduce mattress movement without resorting to memory foam.

Simmons Legend Plush Mattress

The Simmons Legend Plush mattress is the latest addition to the Beautyrest line and can be found at retailers such as Sleepys. The Legend Plush mattress is considered a upper end luxury mattress and has the latest Beauty Rest technology to increase comfort and support.

Simmons is known for their use of individually wrapped coils which move independent of each other cutting down or even eliminating motion transfer through the mattress.

The Legend mattress uses Simmons 900 Density Total Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil Technology at 14 3/4 gauge which provides extreme comfort and support with very little partner disturbance.

The Simmons Legend Plush mattress height is 13 inches which should accommodate most sheets sold today. Much older sheets will not fit since they were intended for smaller mattresses that you do not find very often anymore.

As a special side note, the Sleepys version of the Legend Plush mattress has Slow Response Trizone Head and Foot NXG center third Slow Recovery Latex added as an exclusive feature. This gives additional support and comfort to an already excellent Simmons mattress.

The Legend mattress has a 20 year limited warranty. 10 years are non-prorated and 10 years are prorated. It is like the standard ten year warranty most other manufacturers offer with an extra 10 years prorated which is a nice feature.

Another nice addition that you do not tend to find anymore are handles on the side of the mattress. Seems like a little thing but it shows attention to detail that others lack.

The patented coil system follows the curves of your body for conforming comfort and supports you where you need it. The use of NxG memory foam and latex foam not only gives additional support but also relieves painful pressure points.

Reviews of the Simmons Legend Plush mattress have been very positive from owners who would recommend it highly to friends and family. Overall the BeautyRest Legend Plush gets high marks and would provide many years of restful sleep.

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