Tempurpedic vs Simmons NxG

This article compares Tempurpedic vs Simmons NxG to see which is right for you. The NxG mattress like the Tempurpedic bed is a memory foam sleep system but the two go their separate ways at many critical points along the way. While the TEMPUR mattress has a loyal cult like following among its owners there are those out there that do not like the way a Tempurpedic mattress feels or have listened to some of the common complaints regarding TEMPUR beds and want all of the benefits of the NASA memory foam mattress without the problems some have come across.

NxG Mattress

The Simmons NxG mattress addresses many of the perceived disadvantages of the Tempurpedic beds. First would be the fact that some folks feel that Tempurpedic is hot or holds heat. While this may not really be true for everyone does not matter. The Nxg memory foam or Next Generation Foam is much more breathable than normal memory foam and dissipates heat much faster to give you a cooler sleeping surface which translates into a better sleep for you.

Next many people say that a Tempurpedic mattress is hard to move around in and much too firm when it first arrives. Some complain that it feels nothing like the one they tried in a retail store such as Sleepys mattress. The Beautyrest NxG mattress is already broke in for you as the cells have been pre-cracked which means consistent all over comfort from day one and none of the initial Tempurpedic back pain some experience.

Tempurpedic Mattress

For all Tempurpedic complaints there are 100 positive responses about the advantages of the Swedish mattress and how they have never slept so good as they do on this “perfect mattress”. The TEMPUR material is unique to them, endorsed by NASA and has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to go along with numerous recommendations from physicians all over the world.

Tempurpedic has a proven track record of happy customers along with being number one in customer satisfaction at Consumer Reports. If this does not give you a hint about the quality, comfort and durability of the mattress than all you have to do is talk to a owner because Temperpedic beds have some of the best word of mouth reviews around.

Some people will order one without ever actually testing it first simply from what they have heard from friends or family. The Tempurpedic bed is the top memory foam mattress around until someone can come and knock them off of the throne.

Tempurpedic vs Simmons NxG Summary

Ultimately these two are both very high quality memory foam luxury mattress products. It really comes down to what you find comfortable as they do feel different. The NxG and Tempurpedic prices are about the same in comparable models and warranty is about the same. Reviews are great for each with Tempurpedic having a edge due to being around much longer.

If you do not like the Tempurpedic bed feel than you will be perfectly happy with a Simmons NxG (Comforpedic) mattress. Each is a name brand mattress from a company you can trust to make quality.

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