Sleep Number Bed Problems

While the Select Comfort mattress is one of the most highly regarded sleep systems around there have been reports of Sleep Number bed problems which any potential buyer should be aware of before making such a important decision that not only effects your wallet but also your health.

There have been reported issues with Sleep Number bed mold problems or mildew forming inside of the air mattress mattress due to moisture build-up. It has been some time since this has been a big issue so it seems that they may have fixed whatever was broken and solved this issue.

There have also been Sleep Number bed problems with the king size or split dual system becoming warped or cracking down the center when each person has there “sleep number” dialed to opposite ends. In other words if one partner has their side set to firm while the other partner has theirs set to very soft it can put too much stress on the bed and cause problems.

The obvious complaint about the Number Bed would be a problem with leaking and there have been reports of people waking up with their side of the mattress having lost air overnight. This is mostly caused by the pump from what I have heard and not really the actual mattress deflating. I do believe this has also been corrected by Select Comfort too.

You must also remember that the Sleep Number is a air mattress at its core. A very nice and very expensive air mattress but still it being what it is you must not have sharp objects in the bed that could potentially puncture the Sleep Number mattress.

These issues have been dealt with and at this time there are no serious problems that have been noted. Yes, one of the complaints listed above do crop up from time to time but not in a recall sort of way. Just isolated instances that should be covered under the 25 year warranty supplied by Select Comfort. Although their customer service can sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

The ability to have a trial period to test the sleep number bed out is a huge selling point to many people. They are so confident you will like it that they are willing to let you try it out for 30 days and then make your decision. I am pretty sure most folks end up keeping it. As I said it seems that the Sleep Number problems have been addressed at this point.

The ability to have your own personal number bed that allows you to have it just right in comfort and support makes it the perfect mattress for many couples. The advantages seem to outweigh any problems or Sleep Number Bed complaints.

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