Sleep Number Bed 7000 vs 9000

The two most luxurious Sleep Number beds in the SelectComfort line are the 7000 and the 9000 models. Each comfort sleep bed has specialty designed air chambers that hold the ideal comfort setting until it is readjusted. Even during a power outage the air chamber system will remain at the current firmness without having to readjust.

Sleep Number Bed 7000

The Sleep Number 7000 bed has a profile of 13 inches of mattress thickness which includes a Duvet style pillow top. The pillow top is made of a high-loft polyester fiberfill and has Hypersoft quilted foam. The topper on the mattress is pearl colored and zippered so that if need be it can be removed and washed. The fabric is a rayon-silk blend that is treated with Aloe Vera for added softness for the surface. The quilted foam inside the pillow top is a 1 inch thick layer to retain softness and enhance comfort.

Below the pillow top the Select Number bed has a 3 inch layer of Intrulux ultra comfort material, this material moves as you do and provides resilient support for the body. Around the Intralux material there are foam boarder walls made of high density foam which provides support for sleeping and sitting on the beds surface. There is also foam in the center for the dual adjustable bed to separate the firmness for each side of the mattress. The Selectcomfort firmness control system on the 7000 bed is whisper quiet and gives the option of two wired remotes or one wireless remote. The full fill option, Sleep Number memory setting and real time sleep number display features on this remote are not offered on the lower bed models but are available in the sleep by number 7000 model.

Sleep Number Bed 9000

The Select Comfort 9000 model also has a Duvet style pillow top and profiles at 14 inches. The pillow top is also made with the high-loft polyester fiberfill and quilted foam but has an added dual layering system that can be customized for the individuals preference. The dual layering system is made up of Intralux foam and up to 2 inches of viscoelastic memory foam. The individual can choose how and where to position the layering system on their particular side of the select comfort number bed.

The 9000 Sleep Number mattress is also the only sleep system that has the revolutionary Outlast material, which is designed to keep the individual comfortable by absorbing body heat and moderating temperature. The Outlast material contains tiny capsules that absorbs body heat and then releases heat when the body cools, providing the perfect temperature for sleep comfort. This sleep by number bed also has foam boarder walls surrounding the air chamber that provides the support for sleeping and sitting on the bed. The firmness control system in the 9000 number bed is also the same as on the Selectcomfort 7000 bed.

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